Relation·Shim Moon-Seup

Relation · Shim Moon-Seup

Organizer:Yuan Art Museum

Support:Yuan Art and Public Welfare Foundation

Opening:8. 27. 2018.  16:00

Exhibition Duration:8. 27.- 11. 26. 2018

Venue:Yuan Art Museum, 112 Lizexiyuan North Guangshun Street Wangjing Chaoyang District, Beijing

Relation (Circumstances 5), 1972, Wood, Canvas, 300x165x330cm

After Shim Moon-Seup’s solo exhibition Re-present in Yuan Art Museum in 2010, today we invite Mr. Shim Moon-Seup once again to present his art works made in Beijing. These works include his creative representation of his masterpieces from the 1970s.

Relation (Situation),1973, Pipe, Wire, 400x790x100cm

Shim Moon-Seup has been a leading figure in the Korean installation art since his foundation of the Korean Avant-garde Art - AG Group (1969-1972). In his exhibition in 1970, he accidentally displayed a work of acrylic bucket filled with water. Today we may wonder, whether it was a response to his soul brother Lee Ufan’s Mona-ha thought, or it was his answer to Marcel Duchamp’s inquiry on the source of the Fountain? However, in an exhibition of the following year, Shim Moon-Seup fixed a large piece of paper on the wall and tore it randomly, then he placed several stones from the nature on top of the paper scattered on the ground. In addition, he sanded the blank canvas with sandpapers and scraped them… With his “Distortion”, Shim Moon-Seup exposes the future in front of us. It is a chimerical adventure, a soul-shaking monologue chanting out with all his body and mind. The poetry of absurdity and aesthetics of fracture accompanied his artistic life in the past half-century, until today.

Mr. Shim Moon-Seup is not only a pioneer in Korean installation art, but also a great herald of Asian contemporary art. As a figure who inherits the past and ushers the future in the art history, we followed his trace for the last decade, out of our respect for his art on one hand, and on the other hand, due to the broadened horizon through his inner connection with Chinese contemporary art. We will organize a series of discussions and dialogues during this exhibition. Our purpose is to initiate discourses on Mr. Shim Moon-Seup 's art, his artistic influence and their relevance. We extend our gratitude to the artist Mr. Shim Moon-Seup and to the participating artists, art critics. I’d like to thank every staff member and volunteer from China and South Korea who had collaborated on this exhibition.

Gu Yan  July 27, 2018.  Beijing