Loose Abstraction · Feng Lianghong Solo Exhibition

Loose Abstraction · Feng Lianghong Solo Exhibition

Organizer:Yuan Art Museum

Support:Yuan Art And Public Welfare Foundation

Opening:3. 21. 2018   16:00

Exhibition Duration:3. 21.- 6. 20. 2018

Venue:Yuan Art Museum, 112 Lizexiyuan North Guangshun Street Wangjing Chaoyang District, Beijing

At 4 p.m. on March 21, 2018, the Spring Equinox in this year, Yuan Art Museum will have the distinct honor of launching Loose Abstraction · Feng Lianghong Solo Exhibition.

Feng Lianghong was born in the 1960s in Shanghai and began to create abstract paintings at the beginning of the 1980s. In addition to studying art in Beijing and Shanghai, Feng took up residence in New York from 1990 so that he could be closer to the zeitgeist of Western art movements such as action painting, abstract expressionism, minimalism, calligraphic art and conceptual art. In 2006, he returned to China and took up residence in Beijing. Since then, Feng has forged a career as a freelance artist, giving free rein to his creativity. When Feng's studio was scheduled for demolition in 2016, he was forced to search far and wide for a new place to conceive his works. During this time, however, he continued to reflect on his art and develop new ideas, and the next year, he was fortunate enough to find a small private courtyard in a village on the outskirts of the city.

18-1-6,Oil on Canvas,440x300cm,2018

At his new studio, Feng Lianghong was able to return to the canvas with a renewed sense of vigor, as he became able to devote himself wholeheartedly to the creative process. In his new works, his broad brushwork is firm, yet wholly uninhibited. During the previous phase of his career, Feng would create different zones of ancient-looking, primeval colors on the canvas, deliberately erasing any traces of the artist so as to make the painting seem like an organic and spontaneous creation. Now, however, he has entered a more prolific phase as a result of his extended reflection on history and the present, construction and destruction, and also empiricism and anti-empiricism. This is comparable to Cy Twombly, who, thanks to the progress and achievement he had made, was by middle age able to attain a state of intense artistic inspiration in which he produced his most defining works. Feng is at this stage able to release his rawest feelings, demonstrating a spontaneity and independence that prove he has truly matured. Using a number of techniques — such as allowing the paint to run, mixing it, scraping it, or applying it with a broad flat brush — the artist can create a sense of confrontation or comprise between black and white on the canvas. His brush strokes are distinct, varying in terms of length, and appear unrestrained yet controlled. Feng has also added patches of intense (yet balanced) color to his pictures dominated by black, white, and gray. This composition method represents the opposition of his past experiences as a painter and his feelings throughout the entire creative process. More importantly, however, it demonstrates his sense of inner tranquility and insouciance that he has found after overcoming various adversities and challenges in his life.

17-5-8,Oil on Canvas,107x58cm,2017

Yuan Art Museum and Feng Lianghong welcome visitors to contemplate and discuss his works, Loose Abstraction, which will be held over the course of three months, from March 21 to June 20 of 2018.