Traces of Heart

Traces of Heart

Artists: Lan Zhenghui / Xu Hongming / Yang Liming

Opening: Dec. 21, 2016  4:00 p.m.

Exhibition Duration: Dec. 21, 2016 - Mar. 21, 2017

Venue: Yuan Art Museum 1st Floor

112 Lizexiyuan North Guangshun Street Wangjing Chaoyang District Beijing, China

"I gave you all my heart." This phrase was once uttered by Greek-American soprano Maria Callas in front of her audience, reflecting the idea that singers devote their entire beings to their viewers while performing in the limelight. The same can be said for visual artists. With the similar unflinching passion and pursuit for true art, three artists have come together despite their different ages, backgrounds, and places of origin to make this exhibition, Traces of Heart, more than just a reality. The upcoming event is certainly a presentation of their very hearts, which can be described as being the contradiction and conflict caused by love of freedom, the selective acceptance to external influence brought about through sensitivity, and the intertwining relationship between temperament and mindset.

Xu Hongming

Unconfirmed diamond in white and gray,1999-2000,Oil on paper,475x94cm

Unconfirmed diamond in white and gray(Detial),1999-2000,Oil on paper,475x94cm

Unconfirmed diamond in white and gray,2000,Mineral Color on Canvas,150x130cm

"Planning and creative randomness together weave through his work, which aims to counterbalance the inadequacy of a schematic and reductive reality with the complexity of art," said prestigious critic and curator Achille Bonito Oliva in his article where he appreciates Xu Hongming's work. "Art engenders bemusement and, at the same time, knowledge; loss of meaning and also its expansion, by means of a disorienting practice that, by definition, tends to upset social communication which is usually signalled by unilateral and economic exchange."

Yang Liming

Black 2008,300x500cm,2008,布面油画,500x300cm

Black 2008,300x500cm(Detial),2008,Oil on Canvas,500x300cm

2009 No.1B 280X215CMx3 Oil on canvs,2009,Oil on Canvas,215x280cm

"There is a vast amount of information contained in his works," Ouyang Jianghe, a famous poet and critic, said in comment to Yang Liming's art. "The light seeps out from the inside, with the canvas reflecting natural light whenever it comes into contact with it. Such a combination creates quite a magical and serendipitous effect, where one can see a completely new reality when looking at it from each different perspective. This undefined aspect allows his paintings to comprise several elements, including the way he decodes colors, creates metaphors alluding to the spirit, poetic and non-poetic components, the infinite vortexes of internal space, the murky state of mutual denial and verification, and a certain attraction between the material and non-material worlds."

Lan Zhenghui

Wide mind 18,2016,Ink painting on rice paper,1080x366cm

Wide mind 18(Detial),2016,Ink painting on rice paper,1080x366cm

Lovesickness F234,2014,Ink painting on rice paper,244x498.2cm

Lan Zhenghui's "heavy ink" paintings, as Chinese critic Liu Xiaochun coined them, have come full circle into the foreground of contemporary Chinese art.  Strokes are integral when it comes to artistic representation within the theory of traditional Chinese freehand brushwork, but for such a long time, there has been little to no formal research performed on their structure. As a matter of fact, the stroke is a basic intrinsic component within structure, and such an inseparable relationship may be compared to characters belonging to a stage, or an ornate musical passage that contributes to a whole concert. Lan's structure and strokes are profoundly expressed in his great work, and his structure stands out with an even deeper, stronger, and more penetrating tone.

This upcoming anticipated event is expected to provide viewers with a feast of artworks which may very well prove to be the classics of Chinese new contemporary art in due time.

Gu Yan

December 6th, 2016, Beijing