Past Exhibitions

¡°Relation¡¤Shim Moon-Seup

Relation¡¤Shim Moon-Seup

In some ways the degree of completion of my work is not high, but neither does it mean it's incomplete. I want it to come to rest in a kind of state of creating, or in a process. So who was in control of the work£¿My work has meaning in that it's not all done by me : it opens the gate of the one observing it, and provides a margin of space where he can feel. ¡ª¡ªShim Moon-Seup


¡°Loose Abstraction ¡¤ Feng Lianghong Solo Exhibition

Loose Abstraction ¡¤ Feng Lianghong Solo Exhibition

Experience and anti-empiricism, creation and destruction, bewilderment and enlightenment, confrontation and compromise¡­ These elements combine to form a clear, powerful, unrestrained space. The artist¡¯s broad brushstrokes, runny effects, and intermixing, splashing, scraping, and brushing reflect his profound artistic experience and creative mood.


¡°Window  Grid  Frame ¡ú £¿

Window Grid Frame ¡ú £¿

Presenting art theories, especially Chinese contemporary art theories, is as important as exhibiting art works for Yuan art museum.


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