Museum Overview

Yuan Art Museum was established by Gu Yan in August, 2008 and became a non-profit world-class contemporary art institution in Beijing with a mission to host a range of exhibitions and provide a space for artistic experimentation, when it was issued a legal license by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs in March, 2010. 

It is committed primarily to holding solo exhibitions highlighting important stages in the artistic practice, transformation, and/or experimentation of featured artists or group exhibitions exploring key aspects throughout the long course of art history. Each exhibition lasts three months, with an installation period of 20-25 days, and in addition to ensuring a high academic value for its exhibitions, the museum also works to organize activities and seminars that integrate art with other disciplines, such as philosophy, architecture, music, dance, and literature.

Yuan Art Museum is intent upon becoming a driving force in Chinese contemporary art by cooperating with artists, critics, and individuals who are engaged in this rising modern scene.