The Development Board

The Yuan Art Museum is a Beijing-based private non-profit organization officially registered with the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. The Museumí»s mission is to promote contemporary art to a wider audience, and it actively seeks support and assistance from all levels of society. With this aim in mind, we propose to establish a Yuan Art Museum Development Board, and select a dozen Board Members from personalities of note both within China and abroad who are prominent or successful in fields as diversified as politics, industry and business, culture and education, and entertainment. The Development Board will meet annually to review the Museumí»s development strategy and specific details for the coming year, and we hope that they will provide a range of insightful ideas and suggestions relating to the work that we do. Board members and the directors will also meet on a quarterly basis to provide their opinions and suggestions on shorter-term arrangements. The Members of the Board will act as intermediaries between the Museum and all areas of society, and we hope that they will provide assistance and support in areas such as policy induction, social support, corporate sponsorship as well as the expansion of our promotional activities.